Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Rare Sequential Date 11/12/13 | 11.12.13 Date Once in 100 Yrs | Special Occasion on Rare Date 11.12.13

Rare Sequential Date 11/12/13 | 11.12.13 Date Once in 100 Yrs | Special Occasion on Rare Date 11.12.13

Our world yet again is about to witness a rare date on this 11th December. This date appears in a unique ascending combination pattern of 11, 12 and 13 – 11/ 12/ 13! 

The calendars across the world suggest that this date pattern appears only once in the span of 100 years. It has a numerological significance, as well as an astronomical connection. Will it also agree with the astrological factors aligned in your personal Kundali? You can Speak to an Astrologer to find out and make the most of this important date. 

Ruled by the vibrations of the Moon, calculations affirm that this day is going to be a powerful, potent one. It must be noted that, when reduced, the total of 11/ 12/ 13 comes down to 2, and the same holds true for the pattern of 11/ 12/ 2013 – which again comes down to 2. As per the principles of Numerology, the number 2 vibrations are pretty strong as well as effective, more so because this number is governed by Moon – the ruler of creativity, emotions and various nurturing and fostering instincts. 

What will be the effects? Let’s begin with the warnings! When a date so strongly connected to the Number 2 appears, the emotions are sure to run high. People will need to keep a close check on their tempers, as there will also be chances of ongoing arguments and conflicts coming to a head. Most importantly, this is a very important day for all creative, artistic ventures. Naturally, the day will immensely favour people in such professions. Last but not the least – in fact most important – this is a day for mothers and mother-like care-givers. Moon governs nurturing and fostering instincts and the mother. So, do not forget to spend some quality time with your mom. 

This is a good day for getting married, given both the partner’s astrological indications also agree with the whole set of calculations. However, if you have been planning to take a major decision involving your marriage or commitment, you may seal the deal today! Yes, the vibrations shall support the matters of heart. Babies born on this date will be intelligent, and may leave their mark on the world. Incidentally, this is the birth date of once upon a time Bollywood super-star Dilip Kumar and the spiritual super-star Rajneeshjee. So, parents who are blessed with a baby on this day shall surely have a reason to celebrate.

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